Architects Forum XXV – N-Layer DDD Architecture and .NET 4.0 (March 24th 2010)

Cesar De la Torre

Platform Architecture TeamForo de Arquitectos XXV - Arquitecturas N-Layer Orientadas al Dominio (DDD) con .NET 4.0 y AppFabric

[UPDATED – April 2017] – IMPORTANT:  For up-to-date architecture and development guidance using .NET (i.e. .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Docker containers, etc.) including Domain-Driven Design patterns, microservices architectures and other .NET related technologies like Xamarin for mobile apps check this landing page pointing to multiple NEW guides and reference applications:

Specifically, most of the DDD (Domain-Driven Design) patterns explained in the guidance written in 2010/2011 are still valid nowadays, however all the technologies have evolved significantly. Also, many new architecture patterns like Microservices Architecture which is deriving from Domain-Driven Design.

  • For an up-to-date guide/eBook on Microservices/Containers Architecture with .NET Core, check this:
  • For an up-to-date reference application on Microservices/Containers Architecture with .NET Core, check this:




– UPDATED on March 25th 2010 –

Cool!, So yesterday we run this event and it was great!!, there were almost 200 people and great feed-back! 🙂

So, here I post the presentations we delivered and also, and the most important, the ARCHITECTURE content we just made publish in MSDN-SPAIN and CODEPLEX:


Architects Forum XXV event’s presentations – (N-Layer DDD Architecture with .NET 4.0) – (SPANISH)

N-Layer DDD Architecture with .NET 4.0 – APPLICATION EXAMPLE (ENGLISH)

UPDATE (Dec.2013): The sample application is currently outdated and was unpublished from CODEPLEX. For the records, it can be downloaded from here:

The last chapters can be downloaded from here:

N-Layer DDD Architecture with .NET 4.0 – GUIDE (e-BOOK – PDF) – (SPANISH)

Please, send us feed back through our CODEPLEX site!! 🙂


On March 24th 2010 we’ll deliver in Madrid an special Architects Forum edition where we’ll present a first draft/beta of our ‘N-Layer DDD Architecture and .NET 4.0 Guide’ that we’ve been working on during the last several months!!

We’ll give you a book (to all attendees) with a printed draft/beta version of this proposed Architecture.

Note that this proposed Architecture is based on DDD (Domain Driven Design) Architectural Styles and SOLID principles (Single Responsability Principle, Open-Close Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Interface Segregation Principle and Dependency Inversion Principle). Therefore (because of DDD orientation), it is made for complex apps where you have a lot of business/domain logic and also it is an App with a long-live where you want it to be protected from technology changes that could occur in the future (through Domain Layer isolation and decoupling techniques like IoC and Dependency Injection using UNITY, etc.). This Architecture is not for a small app, that has not many future changes, where what you normally want is a RAD (Rapid App Development) approach. This proposed Architecture is not a RAD approach.

The URL where you can register is the following. Btw, registration is open again, current room is bigger than the initial room 🙂

The AGENDA is the following (All sessions will be delivered in SPANISH):

9:30 – Event’s presentation

Event presentation and Early-Adoption opportunities Cesar de la Torre – Microsoft

10:00-10:40 (40 minutes)

.NET Architecture Guide Reference – Microsoft Spain Speaker: Cesar de la Torre – Microsoft

– News in ‘.NET 4.0 wave’

– Introduction to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 – Initiative and book/documentation in Spanish and Example Application.

– Introduction to N-Layer DDD (Domain Driven Design) Architectural styles.

10:45-11:20 (30 minutes) COFFEE BREAK

11:25-12:15 (50 minutes)

Infrastructure and Data Persistence Layer Speaker: Unai Zorrila – Plain Concepts

– Designing Patterns like Repository, Unit of Work, etc. with Entity Framework ‘V4’

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application

12:20-13:15 (55 minutes)

Decoupling Layers components and SOLID principles. IoC & DI and UNITY implementation Speaker: Hadi Hariri – JetBrains

– Why decoupling and DI?.

– Unity and DI frameworks introduction

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application


Domain Model Layer Speaker: Pierre Milet – Microsoft

(45 minutes)

– Domain Layer Patterns

o Domain Entities (POCO/IPOCO)

o Value-Objects

o Aggregates

o Domain Services (Negocio)

o UoW (Unit of Work)

o Transactions (System.Transactions)

o Workflow (WF .NET 4.0)

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application

– Application Layer

14:00-15:00 LUNCH/COCKTAIL

15:05-15:45  (40 minutes)

Distributed Services Layer and N-Tier Architectures Israel Garcia Mesa – Microsoft

Custom Layer

o WCF Services

o Objects communication (POCO Entities vs. STE vs. DTOs)

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application

RAD (other options introduction)

o ADO.NET Data Services (Introduction )

o WCF-RIA-Services (Introduction )

15:50-16:35 (45 minutes)

– Presentation Layer and patterns Braulio Diez – Avanade

o News in Silverlight 4.0 & WPF 4.0

o Introduction to MVVM, MVP & MVC patterns

o Implementing MVVM with WPF 4.0 or Silverlight 4.0

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application

16:40-17:10      (30 minutes)

Security in Enterprise Apps: ‘Claims Orientation’ and implementation with WIF and ADFS 2.0 Unai Zorrila – Plain Concepts

– Introduction to WIF (Windows Identity Foundation aka. ‘GENEVA FRAMEWORK’ y ADFS 2.0 aka ‘GENEVA SERVER’

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application

17:15-18:00         (45 minutes)

New App-Server capacities with Windows Server AppFabric (“DUBLIN+VELOCITY”) Cesar de la Torre – Microsoft

– Cache in LOB apps – AppFabric Cache (“VELOCITY”)

– Hosting & Monitoring WCF & WF in AppFabric

– Map to our DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0 and example application


(*)  All attendees will get a printed copy (book) of our ‘DDD N-Layer Architecture for .NET 4.0’ (Draft version) and also a second book about WCF !!


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