Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Using VSTS 2010 Beta1 Team Explorer and TFS in CODEPLEX

I'm actually setting up an environment around that (VSTS 2010 Beta1 Team Explorer and TFS in CODEPLEX), and there is a problem when trying to connect your VSTS.2010 client to the TFS in CODEPLEX. But there's a workaround you can follow here: (Thanks Aaron) http://blogs.msdn.com/ablock/archive/2009/05/20/for-tfs-2010-beta-1-resolving-tf31001-...

How To Install Windows 7 From a bootable USB Drive

(image)   I just wanna have this "How to" in my blog, even for myself. :-) What you need: Step 1 - Formatting the Drive Using the command prompt, we'll use the diskpart utility. [BTW: This will erase all data on your USB drive] Step 2: Make the Drive Bootable  Next we’ll use ...
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