I changed my role within Microsoft to Architect Evangelist

Cesar De la Torre

So!, so a few days ago I changed my role within Microsoft. I’m no longer "Dynamics ISV Evangelist" but now my role is "Architect Evangelist". I really like this change because Software Architecture is my passion and I do have experience in this area because that’s what I was doing "in the field" before joining Microsoft, for more than 10 years, kind of envisioning, designing architectures and developing software projects (N-Tier & SOA architectures, Sharepoint and CMS portals, Biztalk integrations, .NET architectures & development, etc.). .  Now I’ve got the opportunity to "Evangelize" about Microsoft technologies & architectures to many other Architects (customers and partners).

And what means "Evangelize" about technology?, well, it is very simple, it consists about learning the upcoming Microsoft development & Platform technologies and products and how an Architecture should be defined with those technologies, and then, explaining it to many other Architects, thru Microsoft Events (like "Architects Forums") but also in 1:1 meetings,  discussing architectures at a conceptual level and technical level later on, helping with pilots for customers and partners. Therefore, the goal is to help to design & implement new projects with the latest Microsoft development & platform technologies. Cool!

During this fiscal year we will focus on new stuff like S+S development technologies like Zurich, Red Dog, also about Oslo, and of course about .NET 3.5, Entity Framework, SOA and WCF, SQL Server 2008, Silverlight, WPF, SharePoint and SharePoint S+S, etc. And hey!, also Dynamics (ERP & CRM) has its place within Microsoft architectures!, Dynamics is a very important player in Microsoft architectures as it should be our backend with already defined business components ready to consume!.

What else?, well, I’ll be coordinating Microsoft Events in Spain specially made for Architects, and also coordinating METRO for customers, which is an "Early Adopter technology Program" now available as well for customers and partners (not just ISVs, like in the past) so, if you have any question, idea or request for events and project opportunities in Spain, just tell me! 🙂


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