Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Attending at Microsoft MGX and now TechReady. We Rock!!

I've been attending Microsoft MGX convention during this week. It's been... how would I say..., just Impressive!! We were about 15.000 Microsoft people!!. All that people within the same building, all that people attending sessions within an Orlando's stadium. So, we were watching many internal info, FY07 results, FY08 ...

Using Dynamics ‘AX .NET Business Connector’ to access Dynamics AX 4.0 from .NET world

So, this is a really interesting integration aspect between AX and .NET apps. We want to access AX business logic (or data, transactions, etc.) from the .NET world. :-) Requirements Before starting to develop anything, we need to install several required components: In my case, I’ve got a single development machine where I have installed ...
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