Event – Extending and developing with Dynamics AX ‘5.0’ – Microsoft METRO Discovery Event (Madrid – January 30th 2008)

Cesar De la Torre

‘Dynamics AX “5.0” – Metro Discover Event’Madrid – January 30th 2008

We’re going to deliver a Dynamics AX event specially made for ISVs (companies which creates and sell their own software).

So, we’ll be speaking about new AX 5.0 development features and of course, we’ll be speaking about METRO which is our initiative/program for ‘Early Adopters’ ISVs, in this case, specifically for Dynamics AX 5.0 early adopters.

METRO is therefore oriented just to ISVs companies which want to develop their products over or integrated with latest versions of Dynamics (currently in beta state). So METRO offers free training on those beta versions of Dynamics, access to new Dynamics bits, virtual machines, learning material and even Microsoft PSS official support!!. 🙂

So, if you are an ISV company in Spain, and want to attend to this event and hear a bit about the new versions of Dynamics AX, and also to know what is METRO, send me an e-mail/message/blog-comment so I can send to you an invitation to this event.


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