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Troubleshooting Tips for IntelliSense Slowness

Hi, my name is Andy Rich and I’m a QA on the C++ front-end compiler. The IntelliSense system in Visual Studio 2010 comes with far greater power, flexibility, and accuracy, but these improvements come at the cost of greater complexity. The goal of this article is to assist you in troubleshooting this complex system, and give you a peek ...

IntelliSense/Browsing options in VC++ 2010

Now that Dev10 is getting close to release I want to describe in detail the various options we have included for controlling browsing and IntelliSense in VC++.  Note:  All information here is specifically about C and C++ and does not apply to C# or VB.  Some of the information contained in this blog will be available as part of...
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Improving C++ Intellisense Performance with PCH

Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback on the Visual Studio Release Candidate. We have received feedback that C++ Intellisense performance is slower. One way to improve this is to enable Pre-Compiled Headers usage for Intellisense parser. Andy Rich has written a detailed post on intellisense PCH usage that gives some additional ...
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