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Developing Windows Applications in C++ (Articles Series)

We got just published “Developing Windows Applications in C++”,  an article series created by C++ Most Valuable Professional Kate Gregory. This material is aimed at C++ developers who want to learn how to write Windows applications. It won’t teach you C++, or how to use Windows as an end user. But if you know C++ and ...
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The Visual C++ Weekly Vol. 1 Issue 3 (Jan 15, 2011) Is Out

 We just released the third issue of The Visual C++ Weekly. For technical reasons, from the original list of articles, there are two that weren’t caught and got lost but we’ll make sure to include them in the fourth issue (to appear next Saturday, January 22). This issue contains an Intel concurrency demo based on the ...
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VS2010 SP1 Beta: What’s in It for C++ Developers

 As announced two  days ago by S. Somasegar and Jason Zander, the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta is now ready for download! Service Pack 1 Beta comes with a “go live” license which means you can start using the product for production related work (see the license agreement with the product for more details). With...
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Announcing Hilo

What is Hilo? Project “Hilo” is an effort to tell the story of building high performing, responsive rich Windows applications using C++. We will do this by walking you through our own experience of building some sample applications which we believe provide differentiated user experiences. We will tell you everything from setting up the ...
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Windows7 and Visual C++ Developer Resources

Hi, I am Sridhar Madhugiri a Developer on the WinC++ team. I have worked in different areas of Visual C++ including Libraries, Code Gen and most recently on the IDE. In this blog entry, I will highlight development resources for new features in Windows 7. Integrating these features in your application can light up your application when run on...
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