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Paired Programming & Visual Studio Live Share

My first experience matched many of experiences I remember mentioned in the books I read. At first, paired programming was extremely intimidating. I had to pair with an extremely seasoned developer thinking that I was about to be proved that I was not as smart as I thought I was – see Imposter Syndrome. Well, I learned many lessons from this developer by pairing with him. And in the end the developer learned quite a bit from me.

Visualize Code with Visual Studio

In this post, App Dev Manager Ed Tovsen spotlight the features and benefits of Code Maps in Visual Studio.Systems architects have long used modeling to design the structure, behavior, and interaction of systems within an organization. Modeling helps to ensure that requirements are clearly defined between users and IT. Models are created with ...

Setting up .NET Core Configuration Providers

ASP Core uses the convenient Provider Pattern to load configuration key/value pairs from various sources and expose those to you as a single Configuration object. This allows you to grab a configuration key like ConnectionString with one line of code regardless of where it was sourced from. However, the configuration API is not available by default in .NET Core Console applications.

Unit Testing Your JavaScript Code

In a recent post from his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Jim Blizzard discusses how to set up Visual Studio 2017 to run JavaScript-based unit tests.This week, I demonstrated to a client how they could write unit tests in JavaScript to test their JavaScript code by leveraging Karma, Jasmine, and Chutzpah. The unit tests show up in Test ...