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The Art of HTTP Connection Pooling: How to Optimize Your Connections for Peak Performance

Ramakrishna Thanniru, Engineering, Optum / United Health Group Pete Tian, Sr Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Migrating an on-prem system to the public cloud can be a daunting task. While many companies have successfully made the transition, some have struggled with unexpected issues. One common problem is the sudden decrease in ...

Developer Support and MSDN/Visual Studio Subscription Benefits

Visual Studio provides valuable subscription benefits for building software and creating test environments.  This includes access to installation media, developer tools, online training, Azure/Office 365 subscriptions, and even basic support.  Since most development teams have access to MSDN/Visual Studio Subscriptions, businesses will ...

Adding source control to Azure Synapse Analytics Studio

Most users of Azure Synapse Analytics will need to use it within a team environment, as such using source control to handle multiple users writing code and building processes in the service will be needed. Thankfully Synapse Analytics Studio includes built-in support for 2 of the most popular Git service providers – GitHub & Azure DevOps.

Using OAuth2 OBO with Azure AD B2C

This sample uses a custom web service (B2BOBOWeb) to provide a token endpoint, which handles the Extension Grant requests and communicates with B2C to respond with a valid response (access token). It uses a specific B2C tenant configured with custom journeys to handle this communication.