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Rastreamento de projetos cross-team a nível de portfólio com Azure DevOps Boards

A inclusão das extensões Feature timeline and Epic Roadmap no processo de gerenciamento de portfólio está ajudando meus clientes a tornar a vida do PMO ainda mais fácil do que antes. A extensão Delivery Plans permite atualizações de portfólio colaborativas, constantes e automatizadas. Isso permitiu que todos evoluíssem no processo de desenvolv

Advanced Error Handling with Power Automate

Sr Consultant Adam Toth demonstrates how to handle errors properly in Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), including expected errors from APIs and connectors, and how to deal with throttling conditions (HTTP 429 Responses). Power Automate’s default response to errors from connectors is pretty simple – exit the workflow right ...

GitHub Learning Path

GitHub opens exciting possibilities for you and your customers. This article helps answer the question “Where do I start?” learning about Git and GitHub.

Simplifying Azure DevOps Pipelines with Decorators

In this post, Sr. App Dev Manager Bryan Soltis demonstrates how to use DevOps Pipeline Decorators to standardize complex pipeline requirements. When it comes to DevOps, there is no shortage of the amount of customizations companies need. From specialized environments to quality checks, every business has their own recipe for determining...

Outlook Email Automation with PowerShell

In this post, App Dev Manager Edward Fry demonstrates how to use Microsoft Outlook Object Library from PowerShell. Introduction Time is a precious commodity. For many professionals, there just aren’t enough hours to accomplish all the tasks in a day. Thankfully, today’s world thrives on automation. Computers can perform painstaking...

Creating and refining your automated testing strategy

We all know that automated testing is a key component of a successful DevOps practice. However, it’s also common for organizations to underestimate the change effort required to create a complete testing strategy. In this blog post we are going to demonstrate the advantages of creating a clear automated testing strategy, in three simple steps