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US Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – February 2016 Update

Premier Support for Developers provides access to a wide range of advisory and training options that include most popular developer technologies.  Options range from onsite, instructor-led workshops to remote training, and even access to a distinguished team of Developer Consultants for specialized advisory needs.  Content frequently...
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Leveraging Native UI in Apache Cordova Apps Using Project Ace

This article comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Wael Kdouh. When it comes to Cross Platform Mobile Development there are two options that stand out today. The first option is Xamarin which allows users to use C# and XAML to develop once and deploy everywhere natively. The second option is Apache Cordova which allows users to use ...

Qualcomm Developer of the Month: PSfD Consultant Joe Healy

This past January, Premier Developer consultant Joe Healy traveled to Las Vegas along with his team from Tampa, Florida to participate in the 2016 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon.  After 40 brutal hours of work (with no sleep, on his “vacation” time), Joe and his team won the $25,000 grand prize with their home healthcare solution...

Steve St. Jean and Abel Wang talk source control and DevOps on Channel 9

Check out our own Premier Developer consultant Steve St. Jean and former Premier Developer consultant now Technical Solutions Professional Abel Wang chat about source control and DevOps in an interview by DevOps Program Manager Donovan Brown on Channel 9!  Great conversation guys!

TaskSchedulers and semaphores

When you write multi-threaded code, it's important to be aware of whether the code in other libraries you call into is also thread-safe. By my observation, most code written is not thread-safe. So if you're writing thread-safe code, kudos to you. But as you'll sometimes need to call non-thread-safe code from your multi-threaded code, this post...

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