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Multi-vendor Service Level Agreement (SLA) model based on Business Availability

App Dev Manager Dipanjan Ghanti shares an example of how to frame a multi-vendor SLA based on business availability. Introduction Enterprises often run business critical applications that are supported by multiple vendors. While each vendor takes responsibility for their component’s availability, the need to tie it up with the ...

Your Ally in Premier

As an ADM, I am expected to be that squeaky wheel that is passionate about doing what is right for you, my customer, in the long run. I am on your side and I take pride in helping you grow to be the best that you can be. This often arises in the form of ensuring you and your developers get the best tools and guidance on app modernization.

Migrate SSRS Subscription Owners with PowerShell

You may find that after you move the content that subscription owners are automatically set to the account used to perform the migration.  There is an API you can use to assign a new owner and scripts to list subscriptions owners, but I if you have to do this for a large number of servers, it can be a lot of work.