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Accessing Certificates in Service Fabric Hosted Windows Containers

In this post, senior consultant Megan Meyer demonstrates how you can utilize SetupEntryPoint scripts to manage acquiring certificates and making them available to your Service Fabric hosted container. This blog covers an approach that allows greater control and flexibility at the time of service setup so that you can have runtime access to certificate files within your container.

​​DevOps Stories – Interview with John-Daniel Trask of Raygun​

App Dev Manager Dave Harrison talks with John-Daniel Trask, co-founder and CEO of Raygun, about the adoption of DevOps. "Human beings are the center of the universe. But you wouldn’t know that by the way we’re treated by most of the software we write. Great engineers and great executives grasp that. They know that to humans, the interface is the system – everything else simply does not matter in the end. So they never let anything get in the way of improving that human, end user experience."

Late night Blockchain thoughts

The reason why I've decided to write a blog post about Blockchain is not because I want to add a(nother) quick-start or easy explanation of the technology into the internet archive… I’ve had the chance to study, work and learn from the field what this technology may offer (a lot of potential opportunities) but of course also when it would be better to invest in something different. So my goal is to give you some food for thought and to feed your curiosity sharing my honest feedback and thoughts.

Performance implications of default struct equality in C#

If you're familiar with C#, then you most likely heard that you should always override and for custom structs for performance reasons. To better understand the importance and the rationale behind this advice we're going to look at the default behavior to see why and where the performance hit comes from. Then we'll look at a performance bug ...

WIP Your Product into Shape

In his latest post, Senior Consultant, Assaf Stone shares some useful suggestions on tracking Work In Progress (WIP) in VSTS.What is WIP?(image) WIP simply means work in process (also sometimes, Work In Progress). This metric simply measures how many items (features, stories, backlog items, tasks) your team have started to develop, but have ...