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Azure Maps Simplified

Azure Maps are fascinating to me and also very useful in an ever increasing IoT world to track/transport goods, monitor traffic patterns for delivery routes and many other applications. What I want to display is the absolute minimum one would need to create their very first Azure Map.

Part II – Kubernetes DevOps : Introduction to Helm

This is the second post in a multi-part blog series on Kubernetes DevOps using Azure. I am co-authoring this series with the help of my colleague at Microsoft, Daniel Selman. We recently worked on K8s project together and thought to share out learnings. In the last post, you get to know the application that going to be deployed in the Kubernetes cluster. In this post, you will learn about the tool called “Helm”.

How to stop misbehaving programs

GFlags (or the Global Flags Editor) enables and disables advanced debugging and troubleshooting features in Windows. You may be familiar with Gflags if you have had to isolate heap corruption issues or spent time developing Windows drivers. It’s also pretty handy to block the start of an application through debugging if it won’t respond any other way.