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From a Storm to Order – Part I

The biggest challenge that we face as developers is understanding the problem that we're trying to solve, understanding the business logic that we're trying to implement inside of our code. In my opinion, this challenge has been one of the most significant issues we deal with as software designers and developers.

Microsoft certification during COVID-19 using online exams – You, your space, and your machine

Much of the world is in various stages of stay at home orders. These orders have required the closing of most testing centers thereby disrupting the plans many people had to complete Microsoft certifications at this time. Fortunately, you have the option of taking your exam in your home or other private location by using a proctor.

Azure DevOps and Continuous Learning

Application Development Manager Kelly Wilson demonstrates using Azure DevOps to transform certification knowledge to practitioner knowledge. Introduction Microsoft offers a vast array of certifications designed to increase your knowledge and skills in a wide variety of platforms and architectures, from Azure to Dynamics 365 to the ...

The Journey to a DevOps Culture

Sharing best practices across the enterprise becomes more important and reshaping organizational structure and transforming into modern Agile practices with a DevOps culture, while difficult, will lead to the faster delivery of stable high-quality applications with fewer bugs, less technical debt the ability to more rapidly deliver value.