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Getting secrets from Key Vault in YAML pipeline

Andrew Redman spotlights how to use a Key Vault Task inside an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate a deployment using secrets. Keeping your connection strings and secrets secure is not necessarily only a concern of just one type of industry.  The best practice would be to keep security at the top of your mind regardless of if you are ...

Unseen secrets – using KeyVault to protect OAuth2 token requests

This sample implements an Azure Function App, which uses Azure KeyVault to sign OAuth2 client assertions used to obtain JWT tokens from Azure AD. The private key used to sign the client assertion and thus authenticate the function to Azure AD is generated in the KeyVault and never leaves that service (it is not exportable).

Automating Releases to Separate Azure Resource Groups using both TFS and VSTS

This post is written collaboratively by Premier Developer Consultants Ilias Jennane and Daisy Chaussee along with App Dev Manager Wyn Lewis-Bevan. Read on to learn how to build a solution in TFS, release it in VSTS, and automate the deployments to separate Azure Resource Groups. Business Case: One of our customers recently challenged us ...

Protecting Secrets using VSTS and Azure Key Vault

In his latest blog post, Premier Developer consultant Najib Zarrari discusses one approach to protecting sensitive information in your application by using VSTS and Azure Key Vault. If you are building a modern application and are following modern design principles, there is a good chance your application is composed of a number of layers ...