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Planning the future for NoSQL Cassandra DB Applications on Azure

In this post, App Dev Manager Shany Wiesel explains the different deployment models for Apache Cassandra on Azure. Microsoft Azure is an open cloud platform that runs both Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft software which includes operating systems, application servers, messaging middleware as well as SQL and NoSQL databases from both ...

Moving to the Cloud is NOT about the Cloud

One of the questions that I get asked very regularly by customers, colleagues, and friends is “Why do I need to move my … to the cloud?“ Almost every time this question comes up, the conversation very quickly gets into technical capabilities of the cloud, cost saving or the last service that this or that cloud vendor has released. These are all valid reasons, but that’s not what drives people, teams, or organizations.

Consider This When Planning your TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

Depending on what version of TFS you intend to migrate and what features you are using, there are a few things that in my opinion are “major” considerations because they have the potential of adding scope to your migration efforts. While you will find out about them as you read through the official migration guide, I believe there is value to knowing these things prior to embarking in such journey.