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Developing a Dockerized Asp.Net Core Application Using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code offers feature parity with Visual Studio 2017/2019 when it comes to developing a containerized Asp.Net Core application. Since VSCode is cross platform, you can develop your next container DotNetCore application on a Linux or Mac while having access to all the great features that Windows users enjoy on VS2017/2019.

Demystifying Docker Containers Support on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

Both my colleague Kendall Roden and myself were recently taking a deep dive into docker containers support on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. We knew that we could install “Docker for Windows” to add support for Docker, but as we dug deeper we found out that there is more to it than simply installing “Docker for Windows”.

Accessing Certificates in Service Fabric Hosted Windows Containers

In this post, senior consultant Megan Meyer demonstrates how you can utilize SetupEntryPoint scripts to manage acquiring certificates and making them available to your Service Fabric hosted container. This blog covers an approach that allows greater control and flexibility at the time of service setup so that you can have runtime access to certificate files within your container.