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Unlike a lot of technical blogs, Premier Developer covers a range of both technical and business focused topics.  Why?  Simply put, developers need to understand the business and the business needs to understand developers.  This post is provided by Dan Simmons, a Technical Delivery Manager in Microsoft’s Modern Application Domain and a...

Building cross-platform Xamarin.Forms apps in VSTS

In a recent post from his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Jim Blizzard shows how to navigate past some of the issues when setting up VSTS builds for a multi-project Xamarin.Forms solution. The other day I wanted to create a DevOps CI / CD pipeline for a simple Xamarin.Forms app that I’d created. The Visual Studio solution contains ...

Using the correct version of Android SDK Build-Tools with Xamarin Android

Senior Developer consultant, Wael Kdouh, walks us through what it takes to get Xamarin.Android working with the latest “24” SDK Build-tools package. Google recently released a new final version “24” of the Android SDK Build-tools package. Of course, being a good citizen meant that I used the Android SDK Manager to update to the ...
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US Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – August 2016 Update

Premier Support for Developers provides access to a wide range of advisory and training options that include most popular developer technologies.  Options range from onsite, instructor-led workshops to remote training, and even access to a distinguished team of Developer Consultants for specialized advisory needs.  Content frequently ...
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Single SignOn is easy, Single SignOut is not

In a recent post from his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Marius Rochon talks about problems with single SignOut. Single Sign In relies on the token issuer holding on to a cookie, which tells it about the user identity after the first signin. The issuer can then respond to a request for token in whatever protocol it came in (WSFed, SAML...

UK Dev Briefing Day

In this post, Senior Application Development Manager, Neal Champion shares an overview of the UK Dev Briefing Day.  This annual event typically runs in the spring of each year, covering up-to-date presentations on the latest tools and development capabilities for the Microsoft platform.  It is held at the Microsoft UK Campus in Reading, ...
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