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Paired Programming & Visual Studio Live Share

My first experience matched many of experiences I remember mentioned in the books I read. At first, paired programming was extremely intimidating. I had to pair with an extremely seasoned developer thinking that I was about to be proved that I was not as smart as I thought I was – see Imposter Syndrome. Well, I learned many lessons from this developer by pairing with him. And in the end the developer learned quite a bit from me.

Notes from the Field: Migrating to Visual Studio Team Services

Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman shares two major insights regarding migrating on-premises databases to the cloud. This post does not cover all the details of migration to Visual Studio Team Services. You can find that information at Migrate to Visual Studio Team Services. And your options for migration can be found at Migration ...

Git in Education

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman introduces one of our training offerings – the Microsoft Git Solutions workshop.With Premier Support for Developers, our customers have access to many resources including education. Case in point is our Microsoft Git Solutions workshop. This educational opportunity is a two-day ...

Free ebook: Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online

Agile, Open-Source, and Visual Studio Online are all topics that quickly peak the interest of modern developers.  This month, Microsoft Press announced a new ebook, freely available for download, from some of the leading minds in this space.  The ALM Rangers are a special group for several reasons. Not only are they innovative and focused on...