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Programmatically Create SAS tokens in .NET

Andrew Redman explores how to programmatically create SAS tokens using .NET. Introduction In today's digital landscape, data security and controlled access are critical concerns for businesses. Azure Blob Storage is a popular cloud storage solution, allowing you to store and manage unstructured data. To safeguard your data while ...

Teams Presence Prototype in .NET

In this segment, my goal is to get the Teams presence in a stand-alone application. In this app, we will do the following: Connect to the Graph Beta API programmatically. Use the Client ID from my App Registration and validate the permissions. Read my presence and display the presence retrieved. Verify that the solution is displaying Status.

.NET Platforms Feature Comparison

There are situations where people would like to have a comprehensive view of the feature comparison. Instead of digging into every feature across all three platform, I compiled a list of name spaces in each platform and put them side by side so you can easily see the differences.

Making Sense of .NET 5

At the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build conference, Microsoft announced .NET 5 which will be released in November 2020. This led to some confusion in discussions with some of my colleagues and friends. What about .NET Core? Isn’t that the future? The road forward?

Raw threads and async lambdas

Using async methods/lambdas where they are not expected causes unexpected problems. The typical example I discuss with people is TaskFactory.StartNew() because its an easy way to create Tasks and some people reach for that instead of Task.Run(), but I recently came across some code hitting the same problem while creating threads the traditional way.

.NET Core 2.1 Update strategy

This post is provided by App Dev Manager Anant Dimri who shares some helpful Q/A around .NET Core patching strategy.We know that we can create two types of deployments for .NET Core applications:In a package, you can have .NET core runtime dlls as well as your or 3rd party dlls that you have referenced. When planning for a patching strategy ...