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Business-Driven Digital Transformation with Azure and Azure DevOps

Business-driven development (BDD) is a methodology in which business decisions and requirements drive an IT solution. Without adequate business needs identified, development cannot begin. Business-driven digital transformation is taking this a step further and having a company embrace a larger change, and therefore improve from it. The scale of digital transformation is of a larger magnitude, and it relies on buy-in of all business folks, as well as the IT department.

SonarQube Integration with VSTS

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Sana Noorani details how to integrate SonarQube with VSTS, so you can detect issues in code and trigger builds only when code checks pass. Introduction to SonarQubeSonarQube is an open source tool used for continuously checking code quality. Many developers will add it to their DevOps pipelines with ...

Visual Studio App Center

This overview of Visual Studio App Center comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Sana Noorani. One of Microsoft’s newest offerings, the Visual Studio App Center, is a tool for streamlining the DevOps pipeline for mobile development. The product is an updated version of its previous product, Mobile Center, and has many more features...