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Migrating SQL Workloads? Check out Database Experimentation Assistant

Considering the impact of a SQL upgrade? In this post, Application Development Manager Omer Amin spotlights Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA).  Customers who are upgrading from previous SQL server versions (starting 2005 and above) to any new version of the SQL server will be able to use analysis metrics to help them build higher ...
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Technical Debt: A change in perspective

In a recent post from his blog, Premier ADM Shawn Gaul puts a metaphorical spin on Technical Debt with Steve St. Jean and Marty Donovan.   (image) This series demonstrates how a metaphor can be used to change the way you look at this problem and thereby help to understand ways to overcome it. With that change in perspective, we’...
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US Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – Nov/Dec 2016 Update

Teams struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends, so training and knowledge transfer are important investments to build the expertise required for optimal application and infrastructure.  It’s a great way to proactively stay in front of technical gaps that can manifest in the form of implementation delays, architectural problems...
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How to work around an issue with VSTS build agents for the Mac, when building Xamarin Forms apps for iOS

In a recent post from his blog, Premier Developer Consultant Jim Blizzard shows how to work around a potential issue you might run into when building a Xamarin Forms app for iOS on your Mac. Heads up if you’re running VSTS build agent on a Mac for Xamarin.Forms iOS projects. You may see this error message from the NuGet package restore step...