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Universal App Development and IoT Training – Now Available

  Windows Universal App Development (Workshop and Briefing) We hope you’ve been able to watch some of the Build and Ignite sessions over the last few weeks. If the content on Windows 10 piqued your interest, Premier Developer has training materials available. Now you can build one app that runs on all Windows devices and design your ...

Unit Testing OData Web API/Entity Framework Applications

In this blog post, senior Premier Developer consultant Monu Bambroo demonstrates how to easily unit test an OData based Web API service which is consuming data from SQL DB using Entity Framework. The goal is to write unit tests which stub out the actual DB calls. We will make use of faking the DB Context and using a common DI pattern of construction injection. The result is a highly testable maintainable and cohesive codebase.

Azure ML: NCAA Bracket Prediction – A competitor perspective

Chandra Sekar, Senior Application Development Manager, shares how his simple exploration into Azure Machine Learning quickly produced an accurate predication of March Madness. If you watched the Day 2 BUILD keynote you might have noticed Joseph Sirosh, CVP-Machine Learning, talking about an internal hackathon where competitors used ...

Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015

Premier Developer consultant Ivan Bondy brings us this series on building out a killer developer workstation. UPDATE: Ivan finished his series a few weeks ago, head back over to his blog to complete the saga of the ultimate developer workstation! This is the first post of a 4-part series: Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 1 ...
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Microsoft Ignite Starts Today!

Whether you’re a senior decision maker, IT professional or enterprise developer, you’ll be inspired by our vision of where technology is headed. Tailor your learning experience in this one-of-a-kind conference designed to fuel your business and give you a glimpse into the future. If you cannot be there, be sure to tune into ...
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Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – May 2015

Premier Support for Developers provides access to a wide range of advisory and training options that include most popular developer technologies.  Options range from onsite, instructor-led workshops to remote training, and even access to a distinguished team of Developer Consultants for specialized advisory needs.  Content frequently...
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