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DevOps Fragility, Antipatterns, and Consequences

Mark Eisenberg and Keith Anderson spotlight app architecture, organizational structure, and testing responsibilities and the importance of how these areas can improve or hinder the effectiveness of DevOps practices. Overview DevOps was born from the idea of applying development practices and tooling to the creation and management of IT...

How To Batch Importing Azure DevOps Work Items Using Azure DevOps APIs and C#

Kyle Johnson and Sash Kavalaparambil explore batch import for Azure DevOps work items using REST APIs. While you can upload a CSV with work items into Azure DevOps, there is so much flexibility you get when you import work items using the Azure DevOps API. What you need You can do this by creating an app registration and using MSAL to...

DevOps Nirvana – Part 1

Randy Pagels takes you on a DevOps journey to frame up the way an organization would foster a strong DevOps culture. Contributions made to this blog post by Kyle Burns, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect and Able Wang, former Principal Cloud Advocate and DevOps Lead at Microsoft, his contributions and skills will be forever appreciated...

Workshop Spotlight: GitHub

If you are looking to build your team's expertise with GitHub, there is no shortage of resources available. This post is to spotlight a few of the popular workshops available to organizations looking to build expertise with GitHub.

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