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Using Go Lang with Azure

In this world of digital transformation, languages like Go Lang have a major impact on project success as it helps increase developer and software efficiency. Leveraging languages like Go Lang and combining this into your Cloud Development Strategy can make a lot of sense. If you are interested in reading more about the features/benefits of Go Lang, this post is for you.

Azure Lab services scheduling now Available

Azure Lab services is a quick and easy way to manage environments for your team in the cloud. It is versatile enough to set up development environments, testing and even classroom lab environments. The service handles all the infrastructure, user management, and now scheduling when the lab is available. The ability to stop a lab VM has been around for some time, but the ability to schedule when a VM starts, how long it remains up and then when it is to shut down recently became available.

Move or Clone TFS from one hardware to another in TFS 2017/2018

Prior to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2017, moving or cloning of a TFS instance required manual preparation and configuration of existing instance’s backups. You can now configure your restored databases completely through the application tier. This blog walks through the new process to demonstrate how to restore and configure an instance of TFS to new hardware.

AZ-202 Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition Study Guide

As Microsoft embraces the spirit of “lifelong learning”, expect updates to the suite of training resources and certification exams to ensure content reflects new technologies. Microsoft has published the exam guide for AZ-202 Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition for those who have passed the 70-532 Azure Developer. Developers will get the “Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate” certification if they pass the new AZ-202 Microsoft Azure Developer Certification.

Using Azure CloudShell as a Dev Sandbox

Being able to create, develop, test, and deploy an application to Azure AND commit to source control with no tooling other than a browser is pretty powerful. This example was with .NET but there are tons of languages supported in CloudShell.