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When TPL Task continuations are inlined

Task and Task in .NET 4.0 are absolutely awesome types and they provide the basis for async support that came in .NET 4.5. One somewhat unexpected behavior they have that can occasionally cause bugs in your code is that when a Task completes, it can execute continuations inline. In this post, I explain this and what you can do to avoid it when...

Can lessons learned in manufacturing apply to IT?

Our technology landscape has never been more diverse.  Developers are taking on an increasingly broad range of tools and skill sets under the flag of innovation and agility.  Senior ADM, Rob Reilly reflects on experiences in the manufacturing industry to ask important questions about efficiency, creativity, and maturity. https://www....

US Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – December 2015

Premier Support for Developers provides access to a wide range of advisory and training options that include most popular developer technologies.  Options range from onsite, instructor-led workshops to remote training, and even access to a distinguished team of Developer Consultants for specialized advisory needs.  Content frequently...
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Internet Explorer 11 Migration Quick Start

(image) On Jan 12, 2016, IE11 will be the only supported version of IE on most Windows versions. In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Pat Altimore covers the essentials to jumpstart your migration. There are three main areas to plan for when you migrate: deployment, configuration, and compatibility.

BUILD 2016 dates announced

(image) Build 2016 will be back in San Francisco, March 30-April 1 at the Moscone Center. Build is for developers looking for the latest vision and direction from Microsoft. Be sure and mark your calendars...
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