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Go from a C# Developer’s Perspective

As a cloud developer, I increasingly encounter projects that involves Go. Azure services such as AKS, Blockchain, Terraform, and supporting technologies such as Helm are all heavily Go. In addition, Go is a first-class citizen on Azure as all core PaaS SDKs offer Go libraries. In this post, let's compare Go and C# key concepts.

The Food Truck Paradigm : Why should I trust open source software?

In this post, App Dev Manager Daniel Setlock reflects on the trust of open source software using the Food Truck Paradigm.IntroductionIt is somewhat shocking that in 2017 I still receive questions about how open source software, libraries, plug-ins, packages, etc. can be trusted, and the pushback that such things receive from cyber security ...

Microsoft Embracing Open Source

(image) Senior ADM, Brian Keyes spotlights the momentum of Microsoft embracing Open Source software and recommends you to take a moment to peruse the official Microsoft GitHub collection of  repositories.  As of today there are 21 pages of repositories.  Roughly 400 projects.  Included are the source code for the Edge ...