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Developer Essentials Passport

If you are a developer or an IT Pro, you know that keeping up with essential skills is a constant challenge.   One of the primary benefits of a Premier Support relationship is having access to the many training options and advisory services available directly from Microsoft.  Workshops, Webcasts, Tech Talks, and Chalk Talks are ...
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Testing the Testing Strategy

Having healthy application lifecycle management (ALM) processes is crucial to producing robust software.  ALM guidance is one of the primary services the Premier Development consulting team delivers and our ALM consultants are highly in demand!  Our team is growing and this past summer we were lucky to have Geoff Gray join our team.&...
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Welcome to Premier Developer

Software is our era’s driving force of innovation.  It is constantly changing how we live and work, and businesses everywhere are adapting to mobile, connected, and global economies.  Cloud innovations that open new markets and optimize resources are creating competitive advantages on a daily basis – and these advantages are capitalized ...