Become a Visual Studio for Mac super user with this Tips and Tricks Video Series

Cody Beyer

If you are a web, mobile or games developer and would like to know how to become more productive and efficient using Visual Studio for Mac then we’ve got you covered. Visual Studio for Mac is a powerful IDE for C# developers that work with Xamarin, .NET Core and Unity workloads. The new video series, hosted on the Visual Studio Toolbox, contains short, roughly 5-minute, videos that cover tips and tricks for specific tasks and may even unveil features you didn’t even know existed! The first few videos will be introducing Visual Studio for Mac and what you can do with it.

You don’t want to miss a single video in the series so make sure you subscribe now. We will be recording and releasing a new video each week over the next few weeks, and the links will be updated on the date specified below. The videos currently feature Program Managers, Cody Beyer (@cl_beyer) and Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi (@SayedIHashimi). You can also provide feedback using the Developer Community portal

Here are the links to all the videos:

OverviewIn this video, Sayed will give you a very brief overview of some of the types of applications you can develop with Visual Studio for Mac. Since this is a very short video, it just touches on some of the more common types of apps that can be developed. This is the first video in the Visual Studio for Mac Tips and Tricks series. The first few videos will be setting a foundation with some basic information on Visual Studio for Mac. Following that, each video will show one, or a few, tips and tricks for specific tasks.
AcquisitionVisual Studio for Mac is our full-featured IDE for macOS, providing all the tools you need to create ASP.NET Core application, Unity games, Xamarin mobile apps, Azure Functions and so much more. Join Cody as he shows how to download and install Visual Studio for Mac.
Build Your First AppIn this video, Sayed will show you how you can create your first ASP.NET Core web application with Visual Studio for Mac. The application that will be developed is a web site that displays the emojis available on GitHub. The info for the emojis are retrieved using the GitHub API.
Launch Multiple ProjectsWhile developing applications, it’s common to need to debug, or simply launch, more than one project. In this video, Sayed will show you how you can do just that. You can launch more than one project on run, or debug, by creating a new Solution Run Configuration.
Work with Multiple Solutions (available 1/29/2019)In this video, Sayed will show you how you can work with multiple solutions in Visual Studio for Mac. Specifically, he will demonstrate two ways to work with multiple solutions:

  1. How to open more than one solution in the same instance of the IDE
  2. How to open more than one instance of Visual Studio for Mac
Manage Projects with Git (available 1/29/2019)Want to know how to “git” started with using Visual Studio for Mac? Join Cody as he introduces Git support in Visual Studio for Mac, from check-out to push.
Publish to Azure(available 2/5/2019)In this video, Cody will demonstrate how to log in and publish a web project to Azure. Join him and learn how to get the most out of Visual Studio for Mac by combining it with the power of Azure.
Customize the Look and Feel (available 2/5/2019)No IDE is truly ready until it matches your unique style and preferences. In this video, Cody will walk you through the steps to enable dark mode, install custom editor color themes and change the interface language.
Refactoring Code(available 2/12/2019)Visual Studio for Mac offers the refactoring and suggestion engine that you know and love on Windows. Learn how to get the most out of the power of Roslyn in all of your projects using Visual Studio for Mac.
Using NuGet (available 2/12/2019)Visual Studio for Mac supports NuGet for all of your dependency management needs. In this video, Cody will demonstrate how to add a NuGet package to your project, and how to connect Visual Studio for Mac to custom NuGet feeds.
Searching and Navigating (available 2/19/2019)Learn how to be a keyboard wizard and navigate within your project with ease using Visual Studio for Mac. In this video, Cody shares his favorite tips and tricks for navigating around your code.
Using Navigate To(available 2/19/2019)In this video, Sayed will show you how you can improve your productivity when developing apps with Visual Studio for Mac using the Navigate To feature that allows you quickly find files, code, and more. Navigate To is a feature that is similar to the Visual Studio Quick Launch feature.


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