Visual Studio 2022 now available

Amanda Silver

Watch the Visual Studio 2022 keynote

Our launch event is over. In case you missed it, you can watch the keynote on YouTube.

I am really excited to announce that we’ve reached general availability for Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6, both of which are now available for download. Visual Studio 2022 will help you go from idea to code faster than ever. Developer productivity and quality-of-life improvements are at the heart of Visual Studio 2022, and we’re excited for you to try it out. Simply put, Visual Studio 2022 will let you bring your ideas to life.


Productivity in the edit and debug cycle

In this release, we focused on super-charging the edit and debug cycle.

Visual Studio 2022 has IntelliCode. It’s an AI-assisted code companion that enables you to type less and code more. What this means is IntelliCode can now complete whole lines of code for you, allowing you to write dependable code in just two taps of the tab key. IntelliCode can also spot repeated edits and suggest fixes throughout your codebase where there are similar patterns.

Once you’ve made those changes and have your app running, Hot Reload for .NET and C++ gives you the opportunity to update your code and see changes immediately. What’s more, you won’t need to redeploy and launch your application. And there are hundreds of other things under the hood that will help you. Some of the others include improvements in the debugger and .NET language service as well as new features, like Web Live Preview and cross-platform testing on Linux. There are so many new capabilities and fixes that we just can’t list them here, but we have in our release notes and documentation.

Visual Studio 2022 is the IDE for you. It’s for every developer, from apps built with Windows Forms and Win32, to Blazor, to cloud-native applications based on containers, to applications that use machine learning.

Scalability, reliability, and performance

Visual Studio 2022 is our first 64-bit release of Visual Studio. It can now take full advantage of modern hardware in order to reliably scale to larger, more complex projects. In addition, we’ve focused on improving the performance of common scenarios that you use every day.

Tune in and watch our launch event

Don’t forget to check out our Visual Studio 2022 launch event. It’s today at 8:30 a.m. Pacific. You can catch it live on or our Twitch channel. And it’ll be available on our YouTube channel later on, in case you can’t watch it live.

Scott Hanselman will kick things off by interviewing our product team. The product team will show off what Visual Studio 2022 can do. After that, 10 demo-driven “What’s new” sessions – just 20 minutes each and aimed at specific application platforms – will continue getting you up to speed with what’s in Visual Studio 2022. Want tips and tricks? You’re in luck. We have 30 sessions to help you out. And to cap things off, we’ll have a live Q&A with the product team. If you want to get in on the action, you can ask questions throughout the day via the integrated Q&A chat application.

If you want to get in on the festivities, use the hashtag #VS2022 on Twitter during the event. To learn more about the event, check out this blog post.

Watch the .NET Conf 2021

On November 9, you can watch the .NET Conf 2021. It’s three days of packed content from Microsoft and Microsoft community. We have sessions on everything from the latest C# language features, modern cloud, web and native device development, and 80 live sessions on topics covering everything you need to know about .NET. Tune in and feel free to ask questions live on Twitter using #dotNETConf.

What’s next?

Today, we’re also shipping the first preview of the first update to Visual Studio 2022, 17.1. You can find it on the Visual Studio 2022 Preview channel. And keep your eyes peeled in the future for regular updates that will add fixes and new features. If you want to read about our release cycle, make sure to read this. But what will we actually include in the releases? We have you covered. Look no further than the Visual Studio 2022 Roadmap.

Thank you


We couldn’t have made this happen without you. We’ve received an incredible amount of feedback from the thousands upon thousands of developers who have tried the previews. You have all provided so much feedback, from survey responses to bug reports, all of which helped shape the direction of Visual Studio 2022. Including over a thousand fixes to bugs reported by our community. Truly, we want to thank everyone.

We’re not done hearing from you, though. Far from it. Give us feedback as you use Visual Studio 2022. After all, that’s how we’re going to continue to make Visual Studio 2022 as good as it can be.

We also want to thank our extension partners who have been with us on this journey to 64-bit. Thanks to their hard work, over 500 extensions for Visual Studio 2022 are available today from the Marketplace.

Happy coding!


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  • McCollough, David M.

    So today, I went to Tools -> Android -> Android SDK Manager and nothing higher that 8.1 (oreo) shows up. How do I fix that?

  • Jamal Assaf

    Unfortunately, VS 2022 constantly freezes and CPU memory CPU spikes to 100%. I opened an issue, but the Feedback BOT closed it because it thinks it is a duplicate!
    Sometimes, merely clicking the mouse, VS just freezes and I have to the end the task in Task Manager!
    I even tried VS 2020 17.1 preview which immediately froze upon the first mouse click in the source of an aspx page!!

    Despite all the good features, VS 2022 has been so far frustrating and unusable. Going back to VS 2019 for now.

  • Daniel Fitzgerald

    Congratulations to everyone involved in this release of such an incredible product. 64 bit is huge and I am looking forward to seeing the performance benefits.

    I only downloaded and installed it yesterday, and recompiled several of our ASP.Net Web Apps, all without any issues – they all ran fine in IIS.

    Kudos all around 🙂 Great Christmas present!

  • mi ka

    Does vs2022 output console.write() to output window? (like 2017 does), thats my only reason to keep using 2017 still..

  • Jean Piloso

    Buenas Tardes, el reporte RDLC ya no se encuentra disponible que sucedió ya no va a salir?? o existe otro tipo de reporte que pueda utilizar ??

  • Valery Boronin

    Please, rebuild your WDK extension for 2022 and return WDK support as we can’t build driver projects in 2022, it prevents us from moving from 2019 for daily use.

  • Aleksandr Vaysberg

    What about Copy Website option? Can I copy a web site the same way as it used to be in VS 2017?