Visual Studio Toolbox: Integrated C++ Game Development

Leslie Richardson

The Visual Studio Toolbox show helps you become a more productive developer by focusing on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio. The show is available both on Learn and YouTube. Our latest episode features C++ program manager David Li, who shows how you can use the new Unreal Engine Integrations in Visual Studio 2022 17.5 to be more productive and build games faster with C++ and the Unreal Engine.

David first talks about how Visual Studio helps you avoid the losing your focus by having to bounce back and forth between environments. He then shows how to install the Unreal Engine extensions and take advantage of their new features. In the rest of the episode, David shows how to work with UE Blueprints, enable code analysis on your game code, view UE logs, expand UE macros and add UE classes, all from within Visual Studio!

If you are a game developer using the Unreal Engine, check out this episode to see how you can boost your productivity!


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    hopefully i can be a part of the team

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      ok yo is good

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    This is going to be fun!

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    Can you add right-to-left comments and summaries to Visual Studio 2022? or at least RLE character support (RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING, U+202B) ?

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