Jessie Houghton

Program Manager, Version Control Team

Jessie is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio version control team, focusing on Git tooling and GitHub integration in the IDE.

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Multi-repository Support Released!

As one of our most highly request features with Developer Community, we are so happy to announce the release of multi-repository support in Visual Studio 2022. Support for multiple repositories means you can have up to 10 active Git repositories at once. This allows you to work with a solution that spans more than one repository, enabling git ...

Learning Series: Get started with GitHub in Visual Studio

We’re introducing a new way to learn about Git, GitHub, and version control in Visual Studio – an email learning series with actionable challenges and a repository to practice your skills! We found from our Happiness Tracking Survey that 34% of our VS developers aren’t using any form of version control. While GitHub makes collaboration ...

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