Jessie Houghton

Program Manager, Version Control Team

Jessie is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio version control team, focusing on Git tooling and GitHub integration in the IDE.

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Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Your Git Flow in Visual Studio

One popular way for users to optimize their efficiency is to leverage shortcuts to interact with the UI. With Git tasks, like Committing, Pulling, and Pushing being part of your daily workflow, learning how to avoid leaving the keyboard for the mouse can keep you in the zone. Checkout some other shortcuts on this printable keyboard shortcut...

Multi-repository Support Released!

As one of our most highly request features with Developer Community, we are so happy to announce the release of multi-repository support in Visual Studio 2022. Support for multiple repositories means you can have up to 10 active Git repositories at once. This allows you to work with a solution that spans more than one repository, enabling git ...

Learning Series: Get started with GitHub in Visual Studio

We’re introducing a new way to learn about Git, GitHub, and version control in Visual Studio – an email learning series with actionable challenges and a repository to practice your skills! We found from our Happiness Tracking Survey that 34% of our VS developers aren’t using any form of version control. While GitHub makes collaboration ...

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