Dante Gagne

Senior Product Manager, Visual Studio

Joined Microsoft in 2002 as a tester on the "Sparkle" project which eventually became Expression Blend. Dante moved from test to program management in 2009 and since then has worked in Windows tooling and more recently the Visual Studio editor. He also accepted a position as the accessibility driver for all developer tools in 2017 and happily spends his time trying to make sure that developers of all abilities can be effective with the Visual Studio family of tools. With a heart that loves games and puzzles, Dante brings his passion to the editor while also championing Accessibility throughout developer tools.

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Visual Studio UI Refresh

The Microsoft Fluent design language provides a unified framework to create and deliver more productive, consistent, and accessible applications. The Fluent design principles have been applied across familiar products like Microsoft 365 and we’ve been using those principles in the IDE to make targeted improvements to real problems. We...

Improving the Spell Checker

Welcome to our latest blog post about the spell checker feature in Visual Studio 17.6 preview 2! We're excited to share with you the latest improvements we've made to this feature, which was first introduced in the Visual Studio 17.5 preview releases for C#, C++, and markdown files. We've received an overwhelming amount of valuable feedback ...

Developing Accessible Apps with Visual Studio

When your application has an accessibility issue, it means that some users will find it harder or impossible to use your application. This means that a percentage of your users are having a bad experience or simply can’t use your product. The implications are far reaching, because many countries have laws governing accessibility in ...

Visual Studio Spell Checker Preview Now Available

We know developers like you take pride in your code! Many of the features in Visual Studio are designed to help you write the code you want. Visual Studio helps you ensure your code compiles and can even help with code styling. Now it can even make sure your spelling is accurate. Visual Studio 17.5 preview 3 introduces the first preview of the...

Write markdown without leaving Visual Studio

Markdown is a great solution when you want formatted code but don’t want to compromise easy readability. GitHub uses it for readme files, and we use it as our standard for Visual Studio documentation. If you’ve contributed to any open-source repo the odds are high that you’ve authored or edited at least one .md file in that repo ...

What’s new in Visual Studio productivity

We often hear feedback from users like you that request smaller quality-of-life improvements in Visual Studio. While we can’t address every piece of feedback right away, we appreciate the time you spend providing it and hope you continue to share your thoughts on how to make Visual Studio even better. In today’s blog post, we’d like to ...

Listen Up, Visual Studio has a new feature you need to hear about!

Our accessibility journey in Visual Studio has taught us that developers love to customize their experiences to help them be productive. Some developers have been telling us that they want to use sound to help them understand what’s happening in their code. A short, simple sound when the caret arrives on a line with an error can quickly help...

Suffer from Ctrl+S fatigue? We have a feature for you

The idea of the “Integrated Development Experience” is a tool that brings all the systems a developer needs to develop their application into a single place. Coding, debugging, publishing, profiling… these are all tools that Visual Studio brings to our developers.

Let’s make Visual Studio even more accessible together.

Visual Studio wants to be the most accessible IDE available today. We've made huge strides, but we want to do even more. In this post, we'll talk about some of the new innovations we're exploring and we'd love your feedback. We want to make sure we're making the features that folks will love and we'd love to hear from you.

Modernizing Find in Files

Find in Files is one of the most commonly used features in Visual Studio, and in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 preview 1, we've given it the first round of improvements to make it faster and look more in line with the overall Visual Studio look and feel. This post will walk through the improvements and help developers get the most out of it.

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