Source Control Showcase: Integrating Subversion and Perforce into Visual Studio 2017

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Last year, we highlighted the new extensibility points for our source control providers. These hooks allowed them to take advantage of our start page and status bar to provide their users a more integrated experience in Visual Studio. Two of our partners, VisualSVN and Perforce, have taken advantage of this opportunity and we’re excited to be able to showcase the work they’ve done!


With over 400,000 installs, VisualSVN is one of our most popular source control extensions.  In their current extension for Visual Studio 2017, you can now quickly add Subversion source control to your solution via the “Add to Source Control” button in the status bar.

VisualSVN Add to source control Once you’re in a Subversion-controlled solution, you’ll be able to quickly manage your branches as VisualSVN offers the options to create, switch, or merge branches right from the status bar.

VisualSVN Branches

Keep an eye out for their future updates, which will include integration with the Visual Studio start page!


Perforce is a leading source control provider for organizations with scalability and performance needs. While you can’t get your hands on the updated Perforce extension just yet, we’re giving you a sneak peek at what will be available for download at the end of September. You’ll be able to use the status bar to add your solution to source control and leverage the Helix versioning engine. Once in a Helix-controlled solution, you will be able to see and access your pending changes through the status bar.

Perforce Add to Source Control

Perforce Add to Source Control

If you’d like to open an existing project, you can use the Helix provider on the start page. Simply click on the provider and it will lead you through the steps to add a connection to your depot and select the project you’d like to open.

Perforce Start Page

As well, if you open this project later from the start page Recents list, it will automatically prompt you to restore the connection so that you can open the project and get back to work quickly.

Perforce MRU

Try it out

We strive to make our source control integration flexible to allow our various partners to address their customers’ needs and it’s been great to see how VisualSVN and Perforce utilized different features to create the best flow for their users.

We encourage anyone interested in source control to try out our extensibility points for themselves and encourage your favorite source control extensions to take advantage of these features. Check out our status bar and start page integration samples to get started!

We love hearing your feedback so please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to better support source control integration within Visual Studio. For any suggestions or issues, please go to DeveloperCommunity.

Allison Buchholtz-Au, Program manager, Visual Studio Platform

Allison is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Platform team, focusing on streamlining source control workflows and supporting both our first and third party source control providers.


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