Join us April 2nd for the Launch of Visual Studio 2019!


At Connect(); as little over two months ago, we released the first Visual Studio 2019 Preview. Based on your inputs, we’ve made several improvements to Visual Studio 2019 in our endeavor to make this the best Visual Studio yet. On behalf of our entire team, I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2019 on April 2, 2019 at the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event.

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event banner

Join us at our virtual event

Join us online on April 2 starting at 9 AM Pacific Time for demos and conversations centered around development with Visual Studio 2019, Azure DevOps, and GitHub. We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re a developer who uses C#, C++, or Python or target the web, desktop, or cloud. And, of course, you’ll be one of the first who get to try out the Visual Studio 2019 release.

Scott Hanselman will kick off the day with an online keynote highlighting the newest innovations in Visual Studio. Be prepared to be delighted and ready to return to your coding even more productively than before! The keynote will be followed by several live-streamed sessions, hosted by experts with online Q&A, that dive deeper into various features and programming languages. We’ll close out the day with a virtual attendee party sponsored by our Visual Studio ecosystem partners, so make sure you stick around!

We’re also looking to team up with community organizers around the globe to organize local, in-person launch events between April 2 and the end of June. Check out the local events page for more details on how to host one of these events or to join local events around the globe. We’ll have supporting content available on GitHub and we’ll support your local event with swag if you let us know about it by March 1.

Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3

As we keep marching towards our launch, we are continuing our Visual Studio 2019 Preview releases. Yesterday we released Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3, which includes several improvements and fixes based on the feedback you provide through the Developer Community. Be sure to check out the release notes for all the details on this release.

Save the date

You can head over to today to get a glimpse of what we’ll be sharing and save the date using the calendar invite or sign up for updates via e-mail. We’ll update the site regularly with more information on the full agenda as well as additional speakers. Tell us about your Visual Studio journey so far and let us know what you’re excited to see using the #VS2019 on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you online!


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  • David N

    “We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re a developer who uses F#, C#, C++, or Python or target the web, desktop, or cloud.”There, fixed it for you 🙂

  • Xavier Sarmiento Cornejo

    I think Microsoft left the developers from New York alone because New York City doesn’t have events anymore 

  • Tyler Brinkley

    Will .NET Core 3.0 and C#8 be released at the same time?

      • SuperCocoLoco .

        And why you launch VS 2019 without finishing .NET Core 3.0? Launch VS 2019 when all the features are finished, not launch a Beta program like if is a RTM.

  • Peter Molloy vqbridge

    Hi Amanda, your twitter link doesn’t work, just FYI, cheers Peter

  • SuperCocoLoco .

    Preview continues with NO OPTION TO SHOW THE TITLE BAR, the most claimed (and the most common sense) feature in the comments of the Preview 1 article in this blog.
    Please, this are a Windows desktop based environment. Not a mobile, android, ios or little device that required to save the ridiculous 30px. vertical space. Most of desktop users of Visual Studio are using monitors greater than 20 inches and not need the 30px vertical space save losing the MAIN and most common sense Window feature, the title bar:

    • Anthony CangialosiMicrosoft employee

      Preview 3 has some more updates we’ve made to restore information lost when we combined the menu and title bar. The solution name is back, always visible at the top of the shell. There are also new controls in the shell to highlight other context like “Administrator mode”, “Experimental mode”, “Channel”, etc. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

      • Yuri Shutenko

        > “updates we’ve made to restore information lost”
        You are kidding, right? Everyone asked to add the option to bring the old title bar back, not to shove the title into the over-crammed new “compact” bar…

      • SuperCocoLoco .

        But there are not option to show the title bar. What i’m reclaiming is the title bar, not to restore information lost when we combined the menu and title bar, or the solution name always visible at the top of the shell. I’M WRITING ABOUT TO NOT COMBINE THE MENU AND TITLE BAR.

      • Vladimir Volodin

        Is this a bad joke? Everyone asked for the title bar, not a “dedicated drag area” or a solution title lost at the end of the new “bar”.

  • Michel Posseth

    WOW !!   No mention of VB.Net at all !!!And yes I noticed that VB.Net in VS 2019 has now some C# features like that it is case sensitive ( VB.Net shouldn`t be case sensitive ) my boss pays thousands of euro`s per developer for Visual studio Enterprise with TFS and what do we get ?  features for opensource free rider languages like Python and C#  LOL , I was once told that we ( VB.Net developers )  are the ones who actually pay for the product.

    • SuperCocoLoco .

      VB.NET News: No VB.NET in ASP.NET Core 3.0 because is not the VB target. For Microsoft VB is only used in desktop applications. Continuing with not Core ASP.NET with VB.

      • Michel Posseth

        I sure hope you are beeing sarcastic,    ( istademo , demo123 )   completely build in VB.Net  frontend and backend.I am currently in a IOT project  where I build  software on a light  Linux  ARM32 with .Net Core 2.2 in VB.NetOur companies UWP  App in the store is by the way also build by me in VB.Net And yes we also do desktop development by the way all in WPF with the MVVM pattern ( 5 tiers ) in VB.Net even our windows services are written in VB.Net . Indeed for our next web project I plan to use for the UI to move to Angular, but the backend  API will stay VB.Net. because MSFT forget to include templates for Razor they force me to move to another stack as that of MSFT ( Angular )   

        • SuperCocoLoco .

          I’m not being sarcastic. I’m pissed off. So angry. I only use Visual Studio for VB. For other open source language there are a lot of free dev solutions. I have tens of webs developed in VB.NET.

    • Ronny Witzgall

      I don’t understand why so much people are crying about a beginner dev language. VB.Net is a good way to learn copy & paste code from very old posts in the most used search engine. And this joins in very interesting solutions.

      • Michel Posseth

        Beginner dev language !? Wow ! 
        Do you want to do a coding contest against this ‘ beginner ‘ ? LOL 
        Ask Dimitry Robsman ( MSFT ) what a beginner I am when I rewrote his Cassini to VB.Net when MSFT claimed it couldn’t be done in VB.Net as VB at that time didn’t support multi line Lambdas.
        I could write C# but I just prefer VB.Net and so there are a lot of people standing behind me in the pro developer community.
        As for your info , the VB vs C# war is so pre 2008 we are all .Net developers , didn’t you notice by the way that C# is declining ? What if next year They ommit C# and only talk about Python!? ( As it is more popular ) 
        Also see The Tiobe Index and remember these words ‘ popularity does not equal professionalism ‘ 
        And Yes ! VB is more popular as C# but Python rules them all.. 

      • Michel Posseth

        You  forget the rest ASIC  All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code    

      • SuperCocoLoco .

        You really don’t know how VB.NET is. You speak without knowing. No one learn VB.NET Copy & Pasting. And for a lot of years VB.NET has been more powerful than C#. Also, C# has had a hard time catching up VB.NET. And as today VB.NET has as least the same features than C#.

  • Hitesh Davey

    as per this blog…”We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re a developer who uses C#, C++, or Python or target the web, desktop, or cloud. “. (why keyword is missing?)
    as per MS Strategy for VB.NET …”We will keep Visual Basic straightforward and approachable. We will do everything necessary to keep it a first class citizen of the .NET ecosystem”
    What do u feel so embarsed to about VB.NET? Nowadays MS dev team purposely dropping/omits “VB.NET” reference in their blogs.

    • Michel Posseth

      The only thing they are acomplishing is that there most loyal userbase, are going to move to alternatives that are not MSFT  My next web project will probably have a Angular frontend as i can`t use the New Razor, when I move to Angular it will probably be definitive so i honestly do not understand what they are doing at MSFT . 

  • Yves Goergen

    Please get used to include the UT (universal time) in your announcements. I believe “PT” is somewhere in the west of the US, but I have no idea what timezone you have there, and when I have to tune in.

      • Max Mustermann

        The answer he expected was “2019-04-02T16:00Z”.
        Even worse: Your answer “UTC-8” is wrong, because on 2019-04-02 there is already daylight saving time which changes PT to UTC-7.

  • paramjit singh

    Will Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio for Mac 2019 be released at the same time