It looks like you’re using Visual Studio. Would you like help?

Misty Hays

We recently asked in an installer survey what you’d find valuable to see while you’re staring at the installer screen during updates/installations in Visual Studio 2022, and y’all said tips and tricks! 

Y’all also told us that you want to see tips in the IDE, too—in a Visual Studio start page! Receiving tips from a virtual assistant was the second-highest response. 📎👀


A GIF showing a carousel of three code/IDE Navigation tips (various display modes, bookmarks, and view code structure) tips shown in the Visual Studio installer


Let us show you the best tips and tricks

We launched a new feature in the installer in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 that shows tips and tricks during Visual Studio updates and installation. We’re testing to see if it’s helpful or not. Do you want to see the newest features as soon as they’re released? Do you want to see which tips the .NET team uses? Do you want to see popular tricks from the Visual Studio engineering teams? What about GitHub? Would you like to see tips from other devs who write code in your programming language?

In our user testing, a developer said they wanted to receive tips based on how they use Visual Studio, “It would be great if I could see what exactly is being installed…all of the features that I use more frequently…what feature this new update is going to impact…based on my own usage statistics. That would definitely be awesome.”

A comparison of 5 design mock-ups we used in user testing

We want the tips and tricks to be beneficial and awesome, and we want to give you what you want, so please tell us! 

  • How would you build this feature? 
  • How would it look?
  • Where would it be?  
  • What tips would you like to see? 
  • Pick your favorite design ✨here✨ in this 2-question survey! 

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please let us know in the comments.