Taysser Gherfal

Senior Program Manager

Taysser is a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio version control team, focusing on Git and team collaboration experiences that aim to increase the quality of code reviews.

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Git Line-staging Released!

We are excited to announce the release of Line-staging support in Visual Studio 2022. Line-staging, a.k.a. interactive staging, enables you to split your changed lines of code across different commits. Line-staging could also be utilized in reviewing your changes before committing them. Mark your changed lines or sections of code as reviewed ...

VS2022 Performance Enhancements: Git Branch Switching

Have you experienced delays when switching between your Git branches in Visual Studio? Did you have to wait for your solution and projects to reload after switching between branches in a Git repository? We are happy to announce performance enhancements to the branch switching experience in Visual Studio 2022.To benefit from the latest ...

Supercharge your Git experience in VS

Have you experienced delays when viewing your Git repository or branch history in Visual Studio? Have you run a network command like force-push and had to wait for the operation to complete? Your Git repository may be having performance issues due to its large size. We are happy to integrate a relatively new Git feature called the commit graph...

Line-staging (Interactive Staging)

Line-staging support, a.k.a. interactive staging is one of our most popular Git suggestion tickets. Visual Studio already supports staging files and now we are taking that to the next level by making it possible to stage chunks of changes in your files right from the editor. Line-staging can be helpful when you need to split changes across ...

Introducing new Git features to Visual Studio 2022

We continue to enhance the Git experience in Visual Studio, and we are excited to announce some long-awaited updates in version 17.1 Preview 2. Download the latest Visual Studio Preview and check out the following new Git features. Compare branchesComparing branches provides an overview of differences between two branches ...

Multi-repo Support in Visual Studio

Have you ever needed to work on a solution with projects hosted on different Git repositories? Previously, you had to either use multiple instances of Visual Studio or rely on external Git tools. Starting with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3, you can enable the multi-repo support preview feature which will enable you to work with a single ...

Getting Started with GitHub Actions in Visual Studio

This month, GitHub announced CI/CD support for the GitHub Actions API. GitHub Actions now makes it easier to automate how you build, test, and deploy projects on any platform, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. This blog is an introduction to how you can quickly start utilizing GitHub Actions in Visual Studio.

Code Reviews Using the Visual Studio Pull Requests Extension

The Pull Requests for Visual Studio is a new experimental extension that adds several code review tools to Visual Studio. This extension aims to make it easy for you to launch and view pull requests inside the integrated development environment (IDE) without needing to switch windows or use the web.

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