Shengyu Fu

Principal Applied Science Manager, DevDiv Data&AI Team

I am an Applied Scientist in Microsoft Developer Division leading an applied research team to improve developer productivity through machine learning and AI. We initiated the research effort in improving code completion in Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code, and turned our research into product such as IntelliCode to empower the developers around the world.

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Typing Less, Coding More: How we delivered IntelliCode whole line completions with a transformer model

Introduction Great code completions make you more productive while composing your code. Visual Studio 2022 now automatically completes C# code up to a whole line at a time, using a rich knowledge of your coding context. We have also released the IntelliCode Completions extension in Visual Studio Code (VSCode) to speed up coding in Python/...

The making of Visual Studio IntelliCode’s first deep learning model: a research journey

After leveraging technologies like Azure Machine Learning and ONNX Runtime, IntelliCode has successfully shipped the first deep learning model for all the IntelliCode Python users in Visual Studio Code. This blogpost gives a detailed account of the journey from research to model deployment.