Peter Groenewegen

Senior Software Engineer, AI tools for developers

Peter is a Software Engineer on the Visual Studio IDE team, where he's been integrating ML and AI in developer tools. He currently working on AI tools for developers.

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Code Faster and Better with GitHub Copilot’s New Features: Slash Commands and Context Variables

Have you ever wished you had an AI assistant that could help you write code faster and better? That’s what Visual Studio Copilot Chat offers you: an AI-powered pair programmer that can answer your questions, suggest code snippets, explain code logic, and chat with you about your project. You can use Copilot to code faster and better, as it ...

Maximizing the value of IntelliCode with API usage examples: Real-World Code Examples at Your Fingertips

As a software developer, we've all faced the frustration of having to leave our IDE to search for documentation, code examples, Stack Overflow, blog posts or simply trying to remember how to use a certain API. What if we told you that we have a solution for you? Now with Visual Studio 17.6 Preview, IntelliCode makes finding real-world code ...

Visual Studio AI-Assistance: A Developer’s Best Friend

The Visual Studio family leverages AI to help you stay focused on the creative tasks that get the core logic of your application built.   For Visual Studio and VS Code, IntelliCode is free and assists with writing, editing and understanding code in popular languages. With IntelliCode, models run locally, meaning that none of your code ...

Just-in-time refactoring made even easier with IntelliCode auto suggested code for C#

Have you ever wondered if there was a tool to help you with routine code tasks like writing common constructors or inserting similar code to a few different spots? Maybe you even know some code actions or refactorings that can help you. But at the time you could have used the code action, you typed the change instead, because you remembered ...

Discover quick actions for common tasks as you type, with IntelliCode

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a built-in tool to accomplish a common task? You could not find the tool and started the work manually. Only after you have started the work, you discover there was a quick action to do the task. IntelliCode can now spot when you're performing a common task and recommend the right quick action...

Frictionless repeated edits: IntelliCode suggestions in completion list

As a developer you make repetitive changes to your code all the time. In many cases you don't even realize that you are doing a repetitive task or that Visual Studio IntelliCode suggestions can help you. IntelliCode suggestions can already do the edit and find other location where the same edit applies, making your life easier!

Make your repeated edits faster and more accurate with IntelliCode suggestions

IntelliCode Suggestions now provides better tailored repeated edit suggestions and adds the ability to review and apply multiple suggestions at once.

Making repeated edits easier with IntelliCode suggestions

As of Visual Studio 2019 16.7, your repeated edit experience can now be enhanced by IntelliCode suggestions. IntelliCode spots repetitions and suggests other places in your code where you could apply that same change.