Discover quick actions for common tasks as you type, with IntelliCode

Peter Groenewegen

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a built-in tool to accomplish a common task? You could not find the tool and started the work manually. Only after you have started the work, you discover there was a quick action to do the task. IntelliCode can now spot when you’re performing a common task and recommend the right quick action, completing it right as you’re typing. See how this works in the video above.

In its current form, IntelliCode can detect and suggest a quick action for two initial scenarios: Generate Constructor and Add Parameter to Constructor. Scenarios supported will be expanded in future versions.

Try it now

In Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4, these new IntelliCode suggestions capabilities are enabled by default. Scenarios supported will be expanded in future versions – if there are quick actions you’d like to see supported, let us know in the comments or on social media! 

Quick actions and IntelliCode

Visual Studio provides hints to help you maintain and modify your code in the form of code fixes and refactorings. These appear as lightbulbs and screwdrivers next to your code or in the margin. The hints can resolve warnings and errors as well as provide suggestions. While you are typing, IntelliCode examines your code changes as you type. Using PROSE technology, IntelliCode matches these changes against common ways in which developers manually perform automatable code changes.  Upon an in-progress code fix or refactoring IntelliCode presents a suggestion to finish the code change for you from the completions list.

Let us know what you think!

IntelliCode has benefitted greatly from all the rich feedback we’ve received from you – thank you! We hope you’ll help us continue to improve by giving the newly enhanced suggestions a try and letting us know what you think. Please report any issues you see via Developer Community and file feature requests if you have them.