Cristy Gonzalez

Program Manager, Azure Developer Experiences

Cristy has been a PM at Microsoft since 2013. In that time, she has worked on the Azure SDK, Storage Explorer, Azure Diagnostics, and Azure developer services like DevTest Labs and ACR. She’s currently working on experiences for users getting started with Azure.

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Azure Service Fabric Mesh tools now available for Visual Studio 2017

Azure Service Fabric is a market-tested distributed systems platform for running scalable and reliable applications on microservices and containers. Up until now, Service Fabric required you to create and manage the clusters and their nodes using virtual machine scale sets. With today’s announcement of Azure Service Fabric Mesh, you’ll be ...

New Updates for Azure Development in Visual Studio

With Microsoft Build 2018 in the books, we just released a series of updates to Visual Studio for Azure Development. This improves productivity and security for developers building and diagnosing web applications, containers and microservices. To help you make the most of these new advancements for developing in the Azure cloud, we've compiled...