Andy Sterland

Principal PM Manager, Visual Studio

PM lead for the diagnostic tools in Visual Studio, I build tools to help developers fix stuff and be awesome.

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Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event Agenda

We’re excited to host the Visual Studio 2022 launch event on November 8th. This release is unique: it brings together, the move to 64-bit, new capabilities, and improvements to reliability and performance across your entire developer workflow. The launch event is a celebration of that work, and all the work, our community, and extension

Exception Helper – Rethrown Exceptions

Ever had a bug in an async method that caused an exception? Been frustrated that the debugger doesn't show you where that exception happened? Or been frustrated when looking at an exception that has an inner exception, but the debugger doesn't easily show you where that exception was from? Starting from the Visual Studio 2019 16.5 release, the...

How to debug and profile any EXE with Visual Studio

Have you ever needed to debug or profile an executable (.exe file) that you don’t have source for or can’t build? Then the least known Visual Studio project type, the EXE project, is for you!