Live coding Visual Studio extensions

Mads Kristensen

Writing extension for Visual Studio can be a challenging affair. It also happens to be extremely satisfying and a lot of fun. But even with our getting-started guidance, there is still a lot to learn, explore, and keeping up with. After 10 years and over 130 extensions, I still learn something new every time I write an extension. So why not write some live so you can explore and learn with me along the way?

Image writing extensions with mads

Introducing the new live show Writing Visual Studio extensions with Mads on the Visual Studio channels on YouTube and Twitch. Every Friday afternoon, I’ll be writing new extensions or updating older ones. Fixing bugs, exploring new APIs, building tools for extenders, and a lot more.

There were a few technical hiccups in the first episode, but we got past those and are ready for smooth streaming in 1080p. It was a fun experience and I got to answer a bunch of general extensibility question during the show.

The live stream chat also provides a wonderful place to hang out with fellow extenders, in addition to the official Gitter extensibility chat.

If you have any ideas for topics for me to cover in future episodes, then please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.