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Improve your code quality with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio

In our previous post, we discussed GitHub Copilot’s Slash Commands, which allow you to trigger specific actions within Visual Studio with simple text-based inputs. Now, let's explore the command and its potential to improve code quality in Visual Studio. Refactoring with /optimize In a recent exploration by Bruno Capuano, we see the ...

Mastering Slash Commands with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio

GitHub Copilot, the AI-powered coding assistant, revolutionizes coding in Visual Studio with its advanced features. In this series, we delve into the efficiency and convenience offered by Slash Commands, elevating your coding workflow. Introducing Slash Commands Slash Commands are predefined actions within GitHub Copilot, accessible through ...

Using GitHub Copilot as your Coding GPS

In this series, we delve into GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio, showcasing how it aids coding. GitHub Copilot functions as a coding GPS, guiding you through software development in Visual Studio. In our new short video, Bruno Capuano shows how this smart coding assistant boosts coding efficiency and quality.

How to use GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio

In this series, we will explore the capabilities and how to use GitHub Copilot Chat within Visual Studio, demonstrating how it can elevate your coding efficiency. GitHub Copilot serves as an AI-powered coding assistant designed to enhance your coding experience across various development environments. Exploring code with GitHub Copilot Chat ...