Balan Subramanian

Principal PM Manager, Azure Developer Experience

Balan leads the Azure DevEx product team tasked with creating delightful experiences on Azure for all kinds of developers. This team builds and manages tooling for Azure services, SDKs and CLIs for Azure, OSS integrations, and services such as Azure Container Registry, Azure Lab Services and Azure Redis Cache. He is particularly interested in helping developers go cloud-native both in the apps they are building and their DevOps. Before coming to Microsoft, Balan launched new services for developers at Heroku and AWS.

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Announcing the public preview of Azure Dev Spaces

Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Azure Dev Spaces, a cloud-native development experience for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), where you can work on your applications while always staying connected with the cloud and your team. Over the last year, we have spoken to many developers working in different languages and ...