Announcing the general availability of IntelliCode plus a sneak peek

Allison Buchholtz-Au

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Visual Studio IntelliCode and offer a sneak peek at an up-and-coming feature we think you’ll love! With the release of Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.1, IntelliCode will be included with any workload supporting C#, C++, TypeScript/JavaScript, and XAML. However, only the C# and XAML models are currently generally available. C++ and TypeScript/JavaScript remain in preview at this time. We’ve learned so much from all of you in during our year in public preview and are thrilled for this next step. 

If you haven’t heard of IntelliCode,  it’s a set of AI-assisted capabilities that aims to improve developer productivity with features like contextual IntelliSense, code formatting and style rule inference. 

General Availability with Preview Perks 

IntelliCode is growing fast so we’ve also packed in some preview features you can try out if you’d like, no extra installations required. Preview features, such as such as C++ and TypeScript/JavaScript support and argument completion, will be disabled by default but you can easily enable any preview features via Tools > Options > IntelliCode. Check out our updated docs for a full list of preview features. 

A Quick PEEK: finding repeated edits 

Have you ever found yourself making a repeated edit in your code, for instance when you’re refactoring to introduce a new helper function? You might consider creating a regular expression search to find all the places in your code where the change is required – but that seems like a lot of work, so you resign yourself to the tedious and error prone task of going through the code manually. What if an algorithm could track your edits (locally of course), and learn when you were doing something repetitive like that after only a couple of examples? Repeated edit detection does just that, and suggests other places where you need that same change:

This feature is under development right now, and we’re looking to make it available in a future release of IntelliCode.  

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Let us know what you think! 

IntelliCode has benefitted greatly from all the customer feedback we’ve received in the past year and we hope you’ll help us continue to improve by letting us know how IntelliCode is working for you! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see next by filing feature requests or reporting issues via Developer Community.