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Premier ITSM Testing Services: Anatomy of a Lab Engagement (Part 2)

Sanjeev Gogna and Charles Ofori, Senior Application Development Managers, discuss the importance of testing and spotlight the resources available to our customers as part of a testing engagement. This is the second of a three part series to discuss the importance of testing and spotlight the resources available through Premier Support and our ...

Internet Explorer 11 Migration Quick Start

(image) On Jan 12, 2016, IE11 will be the only supported version of IE on most Windows versions. In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Pat Altimore covers the essentials to jumpstart your migration. There are three main areas to plan for when you migrate: deployment, configuration, and compatibility.

Simplify Migration to the Cloud with RAP as a Service

In this blog post, Application Development Manager, Lalit Patel, shares some examples of working with Premier to minimize risk and validate environments using RAP as a Service. (image) Migrating workloads to the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) provides many benefits for our customers. It is also a paradigm shift in how to approach capacity ...

Unit Testing OData Web API/Entity Framework Applications

In this blog post, senior Premier Developer consultant Monu Bambroo demonstrates how to easily unit test an OData based Web API service which is consuming data from SQL DB using Entity Framework. The goal is to write unit tests which stub out the actual DB calls. We will make use of faking the DB Context and using a common DI pattern of construction injection. The result is a highly testable maintainable and cohesive codebase.

Part 3: Supportability and the Internet of Things

Mark Taylor, Premier Services Senior Consultant and David S. Lipien, Director in Microsoft’s Premier Services present a 3 part installment on the internet of things (IoT).  For this third and final part, we also strongly collaborated with Carroll Moon a Microsoft Senior Service Management Architect for Cloud. Part 1 of the IoT series...