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Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

Machine learning is a very powerful tool for businesses and researchers to create predictions for data problems. However, there are many steps to creating models and not every model is suited for each problem. We have to use a combination of human judgment and computational techniques to create the right model.

Machine Learning – Lessons from our POC

Using multiple algorithms and tuning the algorithms to find the optimum value for each parameter also improves the accuracy of the model. However, it is not necessary that higher accuracy models always give the accurate results, as sometimes, the improvement in model’s accuracy can be due to over-fitting too.

Bias in Machine Learning

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that result in devices automatically learning and improving from experiences without being explicitly programmed. With so much success integrating machine learning into our everyday lives, the obvious next step is to integrate machine learning into even more systems.

Exploring Feature Weights using R and Azure Machine Learning Studio

I find that machine learning experiment’s results are always interesting and somewhat unexpected in certain cases. On this comparison, the feature ranking results of PFI are often different from the feature selection statistics that are utilized before a model is created. This is useful in many cases, especially when training “black-box” models where it is difficult to explain how the model characterizes the relationship between the features and the target variable.

AI with an Online College

Senior Application Development Manager, Justin Scott, launched a new podcast this month you will want to check out.  AI exposed looks at the world of Artificial Intelligence-- discussing some of the latest trends, interviewing industry experts, and having fun in the process. In Episode#1, Justin Scott sits with one of our Microsoft ...

Big Data on Azure: A Real-World Implementation Using Cortana Analytics

Premier Support for Developers was part of the first ever Cortana Analytics Workshop earlier this month.  Be sure and check out our own Brian Raymer discuss how an international customer can ingest millions of events per hour, exploit near-real-time analytics, and tackle true 'Big Data' problems successfully on our Azure data platform. This ...