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5 Reasons Why Engaging with Your End Users Improves Your Code

One of the biggest mistakes I see in any project is the development team failing to get outside feedback. Whether project teams wait until the very end of a project to reach our or they don’t get feedback at all, these teams are missing out on one of the best sources of information to help build a better solution.

Sprint Zero Considered Harmful!

Successfully delivering valuable functionality in the first sprint or three can be difficult, and for some, simply impossible. But the lessons learned from the attempt are invaluable! Taking an early hit, failing in the short term is unimportant if it improves the chance of success in the long run.

Scrum Isn’t Always Perfect (and that’s okay)

Over the years, I have coached and researched dozens of scrum teams to adapt to “real world” scenarios. Some may call them anti-patterns or some may call them “not scrum”-- but that is okay too because sometimes we have to work with what we have and still find ways to be successful.

DevOps or Economies of Flow

The very notion of economies of scale arose during the early industrial age but unfortunately is still prevalent in many industries, including software development. However, that has changed with DevOps but it still isn’t obvious otherwise I would not come across customers that still work in this paradigm.

One Project To Rule Them All

Unfortunately, many enterprises have multiple organizations and projects in their portfolio and merging them into a single project can seem a daunting task. While there are tools out there that can help, there is no “Single Tool To Rule Them All”.